Professional programming with R

Professional programming with R

4 – 12 participants | 2 days

Advance your R skills. In this course we’ll teach you substancial functions for your daily work.


Next dates:

  • May 22/23 2019

Workshop program

Day 1

Functional programming

  • Functions, scoping
  • Environments
  • Closures
  • Understanding assign and replace
  • Functional programming
  • Function operators
  • Lambda calculus and Currying with R

Object-oriented programming

  • Principles of object orientation
  • Capsuled vs. functional object orientation
  • Overview over possible paradigms in R
  • Working with S3 and S4 classes
  • Working with RC and R6 classes

Day 2

Performance and memory

  • Microbenchmarking
  • Runtime optimization
  • Parallelisation
  • Memory usage
  • Memory optimization

R packages and Shiny apps

  • Why should you use packages?
  • The structure of R packages
  • Phases of R packages
  • Documentation, testing
  • Understanding the architecture of shiny apps
  • Developing a shiny app


€ 980 ,- for both days

Duration: 10 am – 5 pm, respectively
Location: Potsdam (if not stated otherwise)

Your trainers

Karl-Kuno Kunze

Karl-Kuno Kunze

Karl-Kuno Kunze earned diplomas in physics and econophysics, a DEA de Physique des Liquides at Paris University and a MSc in Mathematical Finance at Oxford University.

He did his doctorate first in theoretical physics, then in economic science.

After more than fifteen years of practical experience in applying quanititative models in the financial industry, today he manages daqana and teaches as professor of business mathematics at Ostfalia University in Wolfsburg.


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