Tools and solutions for data analysis: We’re taking global players’ methods to companies of any size

Data Analytics

The potential of data to gain insights and efficiency isn’t yet fully used by most companies. daqana will make you fit for your future. Catch up on your options.


Get trained in using the most powerful tools for data analysis.


We provide quick, experienced and high performance assistance for your analytics projects.

Full Service

Your Analytics Department. No recruiting, no acquisitions – simply getting started.

Analytics Platforms

Managed services will not only simplify your life, they also make sure everything on your platforms works as it should.

Analytics Center

We handle your Analytics Server, including data, management reporting tools and secure communication.


  We ensure smooth operation of RStudio’s Server solutions for you.

We run a Jupyter Hub for you. Your data scientists can focus on their work.


Being a certified reseller of RStudio, we market, install and service RStudio Pro products.

We develop solutions for parallelisation on distributed computing clusters.

We develop and supervise packages for web developement and high performance computing with R.

Show Cases

Wer uns schon vertraut

Banken & Sparkassen

Entwicklung von Lösungen und Durchführung von Schulungen



Digitalisierung, automatisierte Kundenbestellung, Auslösung von Bestellungen beim Hersteller, Erstellung von Rechnungen (weltweit), grafisches  Dashboard aller Vorgänge, Vorhersagemodelle für Abnahmemengen etc.


Analyse der Ticketverkäufe (woher kommen Besucher, welche Zeiten sind geeignet, Auslastung der Spielstätte), Analyse der Spiel- und Spielerstatistiken, Unterstützung beim Scouting