Working for daqana

A new definition of career.

Working for daqana

A new definition of career.

A different type of career




We’re all about respect and appreciation. About acknowledging individual strengths, keeping our elbows in, but instead working hand in hand. On eye level. As a team of equals. Be it colleagues or clients.


That’s exactly how we work. Every day. Without exception. Because no other way makes us as content.




Rigid working time models fit neither our time nor our business. This is why we’re open to all kinds of working constellation – job sharing, part time with an entrepreneur sidejob, 30h/week and simply more spare time.

We’ll find a solution for everyone.


Words of gratefulness and appreciation are part of our daily conversation – and aren’t saved up for performance reviews or other special occasions.

We all want to enjoy our work every day. To us that means clapping each other on the back, being happy for each other, being proud of each other.

Free space

Making own, responsible decisions is part of the daily routines of every member of the team.

This trust in the competence of every individual opens the way for new ideas and their implementation.


We’re working digitally, but we appreciate our location. Our private life is important to us, and we don’t want to sacrifice it for our work.

That’s why we chose to work where we live, rather than at our clients’ places.

There’s no better work-life-balance. And no better example for the advantages of digitalization.

Open jobs

We’re currently not searching.

If you feel confident that we mustn’t miss out on your competence – convince us! We’re looking forward to a meaningful unsolicited application to jobs(at)